Breath of the wind

You Are the earth of the earth the spirit to veins the breath of the wind the cry of the rain Your sound resounds shattering the thunder breaking the matter You are Advertisements


Got a word for a lady today that “the land was given into her hands” from the Lord then she responds telling me she just went to the courts about getting a home. How cool!


I said take my hand Lets go this way Youre the only for me I followed you in my dreams you lead me to a safe place away from serpentines they say love is all you got I don’t know love just you.  


The Lord saves, and raises Yea, I’m raised Praise, The name of the one who saves.

Romans 8:1

The one page I accidentally ripped out of my bible “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” –Romans 8:1

Praise God

Just prophesied to this guy that he’s going to be a “passenger” and God’s taking him on a journey then he tells me he’s about to get on a flight. Ha. Praise God!

Dancing ashes

Stripped to dungeon’s wake Flippin’ beds in my ten yet here I am Dancing ashes they take

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