The Bridegroom is coming

Even when the wind stops running and walks to its grave, even when the earth fractures like a vase kissing the ground, even when the sun radiates like black hue-less sackcloth and the moon illuminates scarlet, even when the stars fall from a coiled sky and trade places with the mountains and islands, even when ...

Till the sun

Till the sun comes in with its sharpened sword dividing the day The splitting wind holds its place You’ve made the stars And the sea with it You hold them all amongst Crying dust The universe was created at just one sound Just one glance You created it all in the palm of your hands

Back-shadowing pain

Guide me in the wilderness Amongst crying dust Guide me into the days that never sleep To the hours which hold no peace I came looking You found me Whence back-shadowing my pain Brought me forth from dust 
to the winding fan Now I am free.

God stuff

Just got two prophetic words One, “this is the one who sings for Me” and the other, “Your melodies shake heaven” The crazy part is neither of these people knew that I sang. And these words came from people who didn’t know each other. I’m literally in awe! I do write poetry and sing. That ...

The next move

I see some of you are hurting, some don’t know what move to make next. But I hear the spirit of the Lord saying, “Now is the time! Now is the time! It’s my move. I will make the next move in your life. Trust Me beloved, do you not trust? I have you in ...

Breath of the wind

You Are the earth of the earth the spirit to veins the breath of the wind the cry of the rain Your sound resounds shattering the thunder breaking the matter You are


Got a word for a lady today that “the land was given into her hands” from the Lord then she responds telling me she just went to the courts about getting a home. How cool!


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